Sunday, August 1, 2010


How do you sum up the best year of your life…

How about I can’t wait to follow it up with the best second year of my life, then the third, the fourth, and then eternity.  I have to say I’m probably no wait “I am the luckiest man alive!”  Why am I the luckiest man alive you ask…  Well I’m glad you asked.  I’ve got the this chick see and I walked up on her & was almost paralyzed her neck was smelling sweeter than a plate of yams with extra syrup, eyes beaming like four karats a piece just blindin' a nigga! 

Excuse my choice of words but how else could you describe this girl without cursing?  I mean every morning I wake up and think “DAMN, this is real life!”  I pinch and I pinch and I pinch and I never wake up.  I feel like I should start carrying around my own “totem” like in the movie Inception.  What would my totem be?  I don’t care as long as I never wake up from this dream…  Wait so is it a dream or is it real life?  How many levels deep am I?  I don’t care to know the truth as long as this fairy tale never ends! 

Today we celebrate the first year of eternity together…  How great will it be!  Last night we went out to dinner to The Chelsea to celebrate this so called dream and what a good time it was.

DSC01216 DSC01218 DSC01242 

 DSC01225 DSC01227

I have to thank this woman who has made me a man that I never could have become without her!  I thank God everyday for this abundant gift from Heaven.  I truly feel like we’ve been searching for each other for the last 25 years until we met.  The day I met her I absolutely was “paralyzed!”  Not from the smell of candied yams but from the spirit which told me I found her.  Everything truly does happen for a reason.  She genuinely is a blessing from heaven!

Jessica I am eternally grateful for you and the woman you are.  I can’t wait to see what the future holds.  I’m in no rush to find out because I wouldn’t want to miss all the great things that will happen on the way there.  In the words of Marty McFly “Time circuits on. Flux Capacitor... fluxxing. Engine running. All right!”

Love you FOREVER!


Monday, July 19, 2010


So…  I got a problem, and I knew this would happen someday I just didn’t know it would happen so soon.  See I got this here thing called the “Top Five” and it’s a pretty prestigious honor to know you’ve achieved “Top Five” status.  Once you’ve received this coveted placement you retain your honor forever.  The “Top Five” if I forgot to mention is the top five women in my life.

See the secret about the “Top Five” is simple.  I’m pretty impressed because my beautiful wife figured out how it works real quick and stopped trying to achieve the number one spot in the “Top Five”.  It’s simple, there is no placement in the “Top Five”.  Once you’re in, you’re in.  No body is number one, and no one is number five.  However, there is a certain Caucasian princess that holds pretty high regards in the “Top Five”, but that’s neither here nor there.  See everyone in the “Top Five” all equally owns what we can call “shares” of my heart.  See diagram:


So now to my dilemma…  What do you do when the “Top Five” has no openings and you got a beautiful little girl that has earned a spot with her dazzling smile and angelic like eyes.  Also see below:

KENZ So after working out several math equations and a ton of graphing I’ve figured out how to solve the problem.  So without further adieu, the “Top Five” will from now on be known as the “Top Six”!  So I with great pleasure and gratification introduce you to the newest member of my “Top Six”…  Kensington Jo Armendariz!!!


This one makes me want my own…  I guess it could be the newly formed “Top Seven” here pretty soon…

Sunday, June 13, 2010

FOLKS, The Votes Are In… I’m Ridiculous!

Do you ever feel somewhat ridiculous when you want to buy new things?  I’m not just talking about buying new things that you don’t already have.  I’m talking about  when buy something to replace something that works perfectly.  I know I’m talking crazy talk now.

We made a purchase last week that I’m super excited about.  We replaced our Sony T200 with the new Sony TX7, which can’t be described without using the word “badass”!  The TX7 is like the T200 hopped up on steroids and then jacked on crack!

With the anticipation of the TX7.  I’ve been reflecting on the last eight years of my digital camera usage.  I purchased my first digital camera in May of 2003.  Boy I thought I was badass being one of the first people with a digital camera.


The Sony U30 was my first digital camera.  Then I moved from there to the Sony T7, which was leaps a head of its time for digital photography.


Pretty slick isn’t that little handheld.  From the T7 I moved to the T200.  Which was extremely advanced.  A real big move for the CyberShot line.


The T200 has been my favorite by far out of all of the Sony point and shoot cameras.  I have a very strong conviction though that the TX7 once I get the system down, It’s going to take the cake forever.


This is going to be sweet.  I’m stoked because now we’ll have this to use on our up coming vacation.  I can’t wait for that trip!

Nikon d70s


Well I will say that I love some Sony CyberShot cameras.  I do really love my Nikon D70s a lot though.  Here’s a picture of her.  Don’t want her feeling left out.

I guess in some neurotic way of me ranting about how I’m ridiculous comes to the conclusion that; I’ve lost my mind…

Well I’m off to bed. 

Thursday, June 10, 2010


The other day my Blue Heron friend showed up to the pond in the back yard hunting for fish.  Unfortunately for him he was hunting around my other bird friends nest.  I’m not sure what kind of bird the black one is, but if you know what it is let me know. 



On another note I came across these pictures I took of my beautiful new niece soon after she was born.  I believe she’s around 2.5 months old now.  She’s a pretty precious little thing.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010


What did the fish say when it ran into the concrete wall?

DAM… DSC03536

Speaking of Dams…  Damn I love this woman!

Where would life be without this one here?  I’m sure it’d be some where great, but it’d never be as great as this.  I’m simply one lucky man.  I got a great side kick; that has plenty of badass moves and sweet tricks too.  She makes me smile from the inside out.

Even when she tells me I’m being irresponsible because I’m not in the bed at 6 P.M.  Some of us don’t like to sleep…  And I think I’ve earned my right to decide when and how long I want to sleep.  I could see if I was still wearing pull-ups or onesies, but I’m not.  Some of us just don’t want to sleep.

Well I suppose I should be responsible and get some sleep now.

In closing statements

  • I wish my wife’s hair was still long (it’s growing slowly)
  • Nancy Botwin is a whore, but I still love everything about her
  • And I can’t wait for our up coming trip… (I think that’s why I don’t sleep)

Anyway, till next time…  Live it like it’s over!

Monday, May 17, 2010


I haven’t blogged in quite sometime…

Things are great here in the state of North Carolina.  How could anyone complain about living on the coast of NC, It’s a beautiful place.  I wouldn’t mind living in San Francisco, however.  We’ve been busy running around lately so I’m glad to have sometime home for the next little while.

I also think my wife is particularly 31202_643425907566_40510315_37180693_6735047_nfunny.  She’s got a good sense of humor.  I suppose one would need that to keep some kind of sanity around a character like me. 

I’ve got quite the catch and she’s a total babe!  She’s pretty much the shiznittle on all counts.  We pretty much live a fairy tale love life that most could only dream of on a bad day.  She’s my superhero, and I’m pretty sure she’s my biggest fan.  I think if anyone deserves any kind of acknowledgement it’s this beautiful girl.  She puts up with the most asinine bullshit all day.  I should start blogging more about the crap that she deals with,but you can read here blog for that.  Blessings be upon her for dealing with that. 

IMG00463-20100514-0949I’ve been working on our little garden lately and I’m glad to say I’ve got my first one on the way.  She’s bigger now but I’m pretty excited to pick this first one in a week or so.

IMG00451-20100502-1817I was also excited about this find to put in the pond behind my house.  I haven’t seen him lately but the little turtle is still hanging around the pond.


This one this past weekend thinks she pretty much had me tricked.  She told me when we were looking through the art stuff at ROSS we found these cool little turtles that were all crazy and cool looking.  Jess didn’t want one, but Lilly says “Adam, if you buy me this turtle, I’ll love you more than I love you right now, and that’s a whole lot.”  So of course I replied with “then lets definitely buy this turtle because I definitely want more love.”  She later reminded me later about me buying more love.

This was a pretty good time a couple a weeks ago…

Monday, July 6, 2009



You haven't been getting my posts? But I don't understand? I mean I've been posting... I've blogged almost ever night... You mean to tell me that you haven't been getting my posts for the last five months? This just doesn't make sense... Quick somebody call a doctor! Actually on second thought, don't call a doctor. I see them like everyday... They are so overrated!

Back to the post issue. I just can't believe you haven't been getting my posts. I'll have to check with google and blogspot and find out what's been going on... I mean I'm pretty sure I wrote them. I had to of at least posted something in the last five months.

Well I can't recap the last five months in one blog... No one would read it, or would they? I'm sorry I have to sleep tonight and it's already past my bed time so I can't stick my finger down my throat and leave the last five months in your lap or at your feet to catch up on.

I will tell you this, the last five months have been one of the greatest adventures ever. Like whitewater rafting without the water. I've gotten engaged to the most beautiful women in the world, and I'm going to be marrying this "Mare" or should I say "Filly" (since she's so young and feisty) on August 1st.

So where have I been? I've been engulfed in the fragrance of love. I've been headsprung over something you couldn't imagine. I've reflected over the last several years of my life the last little while to resonate what's brought me to where I'm at now.

First off I've had the worlds best friend over the last few years who means the world to me. It's not often you find friends like this. Someone who will put you above them and always be there for you through the thick and the thin. You know friends who have characteristics that make you feel like a million bucks. Someone who always wants the best for you, who wants you to succeed, to be your best, to help them be their best, smiles and laughs off your stupid mistakes. You always wonder can this friend ever be replaced, and the answer is no. Friends like this can never be replaced. They'll always have a special place in your heart and mean the world to you. To this I say to that friend who may or may not even read this... You're my bestest friend ever and will always be my bestest friend. PS the three year picture is so darn cute!

Well as the road bumps and bucks you find yourself in a better place than you've ever been. I've got my shoes dried and cleaned and I'm ready for the stretch. I've got a brand new bag of tricks that can only make me stronger. I know what I got to be right now. I'm gonna be the best like I've always been. I got this dime piece that's more like a dub. She's like the iceberg that sunk the Titanic, watch out boats. I'm lucky she associates with me and gives me the time of day. I knew from the minute I shook this hand what was expected of me. Things never seemed so clear. It was like looking at 3D picture with the glasses and not having to bother crossing your eyes and doing all the crazy tricks to get the picture to pop of the page.

I got so many things to say I'll save it to my next blog. Let's just say I hope it doesn't take blogspot this long to let me post a blog. I still can't believe you haven't been getting my posts.

As I always do I leave with you the utmost feelings of my heart!