Wednesday, June 9, 2010


What did the fish say when it ran into the concrete wall?

DAM… DSC03536

Speaking of Dams…  Damn I love this woman!

Where would life be without this one here?  I’m sure it’d be some where great, but it’d never be as great as this.  I’m simply one lucky man.  I got a great side kick; that has plenty of badass moves and sweet tricks too.  She makes me smile from the inside out.

Even when she tells me I’m being irresponsible because I’m not in the bed at 6 P.M.  Some of us don’t like to sleep…  And I think I’ve earned my right to decide when and how long I want to sleep.  I could see if I was still wearing pull-ups or onesies, but I’m not.  Some of us just don’t want to sleep.

Well I suppose I should be responsible and get some sleep now.

In closing statements

  • I wish my wife’s hair was still long (it’s growing slowly)
  • Nancy Botwin is a whore, but I still love everything about her
  • And I can’t wait for our up coming trip… (I think that’s why I don’t sleep)

Anyway, till next time…  Live it like it’s over!

1 comment:

Adam & Jessica said...

You make me laugh really hard and I do love some sleep, probably a little more than I should.