Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Hunt For Job October

Day 8,970 of my life...

Well today is yet another day much like the ones that preceded this one and I'm sure it'll be just like the ones to come. In the midst of the hunt for a job you begin to realize how much looking for a job sucks. Then one can only come to terms that once they find a job and begin working it sucks twice as much.

Why can't we live like bums and be happy? The pursuit of happiness seems to me like it turns into the pursuit of a living hell that haunts you the rest of your life. Don't get me started on being responsible either... Responsible Smoncible! That's what I say to growing up. Why can't I just hang out with my friends without a guilty conscience that I'm not living up to my potential? It should really be called "The Pursuit of Contentment" I think. Everyone is striving to achieve a level of contentment that would satisfy their needs to be whatever the hell they really want to be.

Well as for me... I gotta get back to looking for a J.O.B. Or my mom just might think I'm not being responsible!

Free Mischa Barton... ;)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My very first blog...

Well I never in a million bagillion years thought I'd be blogging... It's funny what random spur of the moment clicks will do for you. This started of as a click to look into working a google blog, A job I knew I was way not qualified for. Though look what it has done! Brought me into the wonderful world of blogging... Oh you just wait! There's plenty more to come kidz!