Monday, May 17, 2010


I haven’t blogged in quite sometime…

Things are great here in the state of North Carolina.  How could anyone complain about living on the coast of NC, It’s a beautiful place.  I wouldn’t mind living in San Francisco, however.  We’ve been busy running around lately so I’m glad to have sometime home for the next little while.

I also think my wife is particularly 31202_643425907566_40510315_37180693_6735047_nfunny.  She’s got a good sense of humor.  I suppose one would need that to keep some kind of sanity around a character like me. 

I’ve got quite the catch and she’s a total babe!  She’s pretty much the shiznittle on all counts.  We pretty much live a fairy tale love life that most could only dream of on a bad day.  She’s my superhero, and I’m pretty sure she’s my biggest fan.  I think if anyone deserves any kind of acknowledgement it’s this beautiful girl.  She puts up with the most asinine bullshit all day.  I should start blogging more about the crap that she deals with,but you can read here blog for that.  Blessings be upon her for dealing with that. 

IMG00463-20100514-0949I’ve been working on our little garden lately and I’m glad to say I’ve got my first one on the way.  She’s bigger now but I’m pretty excited to pick this first one in a week or so.

IMG00451-20100502-1817I was also excited about this find to put in the pond behind my house.  I haven’t seen him lately but the little turtle is still hanging around the pond.


This one this past weekend thinks she pretty much had me tricked.  She told me when we were looking through the art stuff at ROSS we found these cool little turtles that were all crazy and cool looking.  Jess didn’t want one, but Lilly says “Adam, if you buy me this turtle, I’ll love you more than I love you right now, and that’s a whole lot.”  So of course I replied with “then lets definitely buy this turtle because I definitely want more love.”  She later reminded me later about me buying more love.

This was a pretty good time a couple a weeks ago…

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