Sunday, June 13, 2010

FOLKS, The Votes Are In… I’m Ridiculous!

Do you ever feel somewhat ridiculous when you want to buy new things?  I’m not just talking about buying new things that you don’t already have.  I’m talking about  when buy something to replace something that works perfectly.  I know I’m talking crazy talk now.

We made a purchase last week that I’m super excited about.  We replaced our Sony T200 with the new Sony TX7, which can’t be described without using the word “badass”!  The TX7 is like the T200 hopped up on steroids and then jacked on crack!

With the anticipation of the TX7.  I’ve been reflecting on the last eight years of my digital camera usage.  I purchased my first digital camera in May of 2003.  Boy I thought I was badass being one of the first people with a digital camera.


The Sony U30 was my first digital camera.  Then I moved from there to the Sony T7, which was leaps a head of its time for digital photography.


Pretty slick isn’t that little handheld.  From the T7 I moved to the T200.  Which was extremely advanced.  A real big move for the CyberShot line.


The T200 has been my favorite by far out of all of the Sony point and shoot cameras.  I have a very strong conviction though that the TX7 once I get the system down, It’s going to take the cake forever.


This is going to be sweet.  I’m stoked because now we’ll have this to use on our up coming vacation.  I can’t wait for that trip!

Nikon d70s


Well I will say that I love some Sony CyberShot cameras.  I do really love my Nikon D70s a lot though.  Here’s a picture of her.  Don’t want her feeling left out.

I guess in some neurotic way of me ranting about how I’m ridiculous comes to the conclusion that; I’ve lost my mind…

Well I’m off to bed. 

Thursday, June 10, 2010


The other day my Blue Heron friend showed up to the pond in the back yard hunting for fish.  Unfortunately for him he was hunting around my other bird friends nest.  I’m not sure what kind of bird the black one is, but if you know what it is let me know. 



On another note I came across these pictures I took of my beautiful new niece soon after she was born.  I believe she’s around 2.5 months old now.  She’s a pretty precious little thing.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010


What did the fish say when it ran into the concrete wall?

DAM… DSC03536

Speaking of Dams…  Damn I love this woman!

Where would life be without this one here?  I’m sure it’d be some where great, but it’d never be as great as this.  I’m simply one lucky man.  I got a great side kick; that has plenty of badass moves and sweet tricks too.  She makes me smile from the inside out.

Even when she tells me I’m being irresponsible because I’m not in the bed at 6 P.M.  Some of us don’t like to sleep…  And I think I’ve earned my right to decide when and how long I want to sleep.  I could see if I was still wearing pull-ups or onesies, but I’m not.  Some of us just don’t want to sleep.

Well I suppose I should be responsible and get some sleep now.

In closing statements

  • I wish my wife’s hair was still long (it’s growing slowly)
  • Nancy Botwin is a whore, but I still love everything about her
  • And I can’t wait for our up coming trip… (I think that’s why I don’t sleep)

Anyway, till next time…  Live it like it’s over!