Monday, July 6, 2009



You haven't been getting my posts? But I don't understand? I mean I've been posting... I've blogged almost ever night... You mean to tell me that you haven't been getting my posts for the last five months? This just doesn't make sense... Quick somebody call a doctor! Actually on second thought, don't call a doctor. I see them like everyday... They are so overrated!

Back to the post issue. I just can't believe you haven't been getting my posts. I'll have to check with google and blogspot and find out what's been going on... I mean I'm pretty sure I wrote them. I had to of at least posted something in the last five months.

Well I can't recap the last five months in one blog... No one would read it, or would they? I'm sorry I have to sleep tonight and it's already past my bed time so I can't stick my finger down my throat and leave the last five months in your lap or at your feet to catch up on.

I will tell you this, the last five months have been one of the greatest adventures ever. Like whitewater rafting without the water. I've gotten engaged to the most beautiful women in the world, and I'm going to be marrying this "Mare" or should I say "Filly" (since she's so young and feisty) on August 1st.

So where have I been? I've been engulfed in the fragrance of love. I've been headsprung over something you couldn't imagine. I've reflected over the last several years of my life the last little while to resonate what's brought me to where I'm at now.

First off I've had the worlds best friend over the last few years who means the world to me. It's not often you find friends like this. Someone who will put you above them and always be there for you through the thick and the thin. You know friends who have characteristics that make you feel like a million bucks. Someone who always wants the best for you, who wants you to succeed, to be your best, to help them be their best, smiles and laughs off your stupid mistakes. You always wonder can this friend ever be replaced, and the answer is no. Friends like this can never be replaced. They'll always have a special place in your heart and mean the world to you. To this I say to that friend who may or may not even read this... You're my bestest friend ever and will always be my bestest friend. PS the three year picture is so darn cute!

Well as the road bumps and bucks you find yourself in a better place than you've ever been. I've got my shoes dried and cleaned and I'm ready for the stretch. I've got a brand new bag of tricks that can only make me stronger. I know what I got to be right now. I'm gonna be the best like I've always been. I got this dime piece that's more like a dub. She's like the iceberg that sunk the Titanic, watch out boats. I'm lucky she associates with me and gives me the time of day. I knew from the minute I shook this hand what was expected of me. Things never seemed so clear. It was like looking at 3D picture with the glasses and not having to bother crossing your eyes and doing all the crazy tricks to get the picture to pop of the page.

I got so many things to say I'll save it to my next blog. Let's just say I hope it doesn't take blogspot this long to let me post a blog. I still can't believe you haven't been getting my posts.

As I always do I leave with you the utmost feelings of my heart!