Sunday, August 1, 2010


How do you sum up the best year of your life…

How about I can’t wait to follow it up with the best second year of my life, then the third, the fourth, and then eternity.  I have to say I’m probably no wait “I am the luckiest man alive!”  Why am I the luckiest man alive you ask…  Well I’m glad you asked.  I’ve got the this chick see and I walked up on her & was almost paralyzed her neck was smelling sweeter than a plate of yams with extra syrup, eyes beaming like four karats a piece just blindin' a nigga! 

Excuse my choice of words but how else could you describe this girl without cursing?  I mean every morning I wake up and think “DAMN, this is real life!”  I pinch and I pinch and I pinch and I never wake up.  I feel like I should start carrying around my own “totem” like in the movie Inception.  What would my totem be?  I don’t care as long as I never wake up from this dream…  Wait so is it a dream or is it real life?  How many levels deep am I?  I don’t care to know the truth as long as this fairy tale never ends! 

Today we celebrate the first year of eternity together…  How great will it be!  Last night we went out to dinner to The Chelsea to celebrate this so called dream and what a good time it was.

DSC01216 DSC01218 DSC01242 

 DSC01225 DSC01227

I have to thank this woman who has made me a man that I never could have become without her!  I thank God everyday for this abundant gift from Heaven.  I truly feel like we’ve been searching for each other for the last 25 years until we met.  The day I met her I absolutely was “paralyzed!”  Not from the smell of candied yams but from the spirit which told me I found her.  Everything truly does happen for a reason.  She genuinely is a blessing from heaven!

Jessica I am eternally grateful for you and the woman you are.  I can’t wait to see what the future holds.  I’m in no rush to find out because I wouldn’t want to miss all the great things that will happen on the way there.  In the words of Marty McFly “Time circuits on. Flux Capacitor... fluxxing. Engine running. All right!”

Love you FOREVER!



Blake and Lacy said...

Happy Anniversary! So happy for you guys!

Emily said...

I've never seen her ring up close, wow its gorgeous!!

Happy anniversary you two! Looks like you had a good time celebrating in style!

Duke and Carolina are not on the list unfortunately.....BUT Wake Forest is! Does that count?! It would be great to be pals again!

馬旖 said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................